Content & Documentary

Diana makes unique, long and short form documentary. She made the BIll Granger cooking show and more recently directed a TV series for Channel 7 called Undercurrent. The Strangely Normal Humans series  is a work in progress and celebrates big characters with a quirky flavour.


Made for Charitex, creative directed and produced by Diana.

Gloria loves dancing and dogs. Part of the Strangely Normal Humans series.

Richard is wonderfully audacious. Part of the Strangely Normal Human series by Diana.

An IBM branded documentary directed by Diana Leach in Tokyo. 

Made for the Strangely Normal Humans series, this celebrates the life of a gent who knits and talks to his plants. 

Made for the City of Sydney - this light sculpture was shot by Justine and edited by Diana.

Bill's Food - Diana directed seven episodes for the Lifestyle Channel.

'Surviving Shepherd's Pie' was made by Diana for the ABC Australia Stories.
Powerfully told by four woman and beautifully shot, it was nominated for an AFI.
A cut down of a documentary about people and their underwear, Brief Secrets features amongst others a pimp and an elderly couple. Vintage Diana, this little gem was released in cinemas around the USA and Australia.