About Streetlife Films


Streetlife Films is boutique, nimble and client focussed. 

Founded by TVC director and producer, Diana Leach, Streetlife Films was established as a production company specialising in testimonial and documentary style content and commercials.

Diana Leach, is a specialist in testimonial and documentary and she also has a strong reel in kid's performance and food. She celebrates any opportunity to direct animated design or character based documentaries.

Streetlife Films care about excellence, creativity and telling stories. We like to get on with people we work with. We are looking for partners who share our values.


With a documentary background Diana Leach is the go-to director for testimonial with beautiful pictures. She's known for her ability to coax authentic and endearing performances from untrained talent, marrying that with her trademark visual style. She also has a talent for directing kids and animated design.

Diana is able  to up or down size her skills to fit the budget - she is skilled in directing and producing end-to end, as well as videography, editing, production, wardrobe, prop and location sourcing.


Her doc called 'Surviving Shepherd's Pie' was nominated for an AFI in cinematography. She recently directed a television series for Channel 7, Undercurrent, and put a novel to market.



Enquiries & scripts to:

Diana Leach

+61 (0) 414 486 707 


1 Birchgrove Rd

Balmain NSW 2041